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Luxury Classic Cars

Do you want to get a luxury European classic car for your collection and for your fancy trips?

Do you want to drive a real head turner?

We can offer you the luxury European classic cars listed below.


All cars are in showroom condition.

In case of your interest in some car listed in this category you will need to visit the showroom and to pickup that car in person.

We don't require any upfront payments.

We can offer you the following sale commissions if you will find buyers for these cars:

1930 REO Flying Cloud 25 - Your sale commission: €5000

1938 BWW 328 Roadster - Your sale commission: €10000

1954 BMW 501 V8 Convertible - Your sale commission: €5000

1955 BMW 502 V8 Coupe - Your sale commission: €5000

1957 Mercedes 190SL Convertible - Your sale commission: €5000

1960 Jaguar MK2 - Your sale commission: €4000

1967 Alfa Romeo 1300 GT Junior - Your sale commission: €3000

1970 Alfa Romeo 1750 GT Veloce - Your sale commission: €3000

1970 Mercedes 280SL Convertible - Pagoda - Your sale commission: €3000 

1973 Mercedes 280E AMG - Your sale commission: €2500

1976 Triumph TR6 - Your sale commission: €2000

1981 Mercedes 500SL Convertible - Your sale commission: €2000

1982 Mercedes 380SL Convertible - Your sale commission: €2000

1986 Mercedes 300SL Convertible - Your sale commission: €2000

1988 Ferrari 328 GTS - Your sale commission: €4000

1988 Ferrari Testarossa - Your sale commission: €4000

1990 Ferrari Testarossa - Your sale commission: €4000

1992 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur II - Your sale commission: €2000

1992 Mercedes 500E AMG - Your sale commission: €2000

1992 Mercedes 300CE AMG Convertible - Your sale commission: €2500

1988 Ferrari F355 Berlinetta - Your sale commission: €3000

1999 Ferrari 456M GTA - Your sale commission: €2500

It depends on you, if you will place some information about our cars on your site since it could help you to find REAL buyers faster. You will get sale commission transferred to your bank account as soon as a REAL buyer, who will be provided by you, will complete a purchase of our car of his choice and his full payment will be deposited to our bank account.

Luxury Classic Cars

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