1999 Ferrari 456M GTA

SPECIFICATIONS: Engine: 5474 ccm * 442 HP * Mileage: 48839 orig. miles * Automatic transmission * ABS * Power steering * Power windows * Heated front seats * Central locking system * Anti-theft system * Left hand steering

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With the 1992 release of the 456 GT, Ferrari changed the perception of a high performance 2+2 seats coupe. By blending Refinement, elegance, comfort and performance, Pininfarina (Ferrari’s traditional partner design studio) designed a body that was as beautiful as the car was luxurious and fast.

Equipped with a 436 bhp 65° V12 engine matched with either a 6-speed manual (456 GT) or 4-speed automatic gearbox (456 GTA), featuring aerodynamics and handling characteristics that humiliated any 2+2 coupe of those days, the Ferrari 456 GT become the ultimate four persons of its time.

In 1998 the model received a facelift with the introduction of the Ferrari 456M GT (‘M” stands for ‘Modificata’ – ‘modified’ in Italian). The car received many changes that improved aerodynamics and cooling, freshened up the interior and raised the power up with six bhp.

The first Ferrari ’2+2’ to be designed by Pininfarina was the1966 250 GT. Ever since, Pininfarina got to design all of the Ferrari four seaters. Pininfarina’s original design for the 456 GT was so popular, that an extensive design was face-lift was considered premature, and therefore the Ferrari 456M GT received only minor aesthetic changes.

Body And Chasis

The car is easily recognizable as a Ferrari due to the many elements that belong either to the brands history or to the model lineup of the ‘90s. The front air intake, the retracting headlamps, the long hood, the descending roofline, the style of the side and tail lights belong to the rich Ferrari heritage. and highlight the strong character of the car. This combination of elements beautifully combined in a homogenous blend identifies the 456 as unique.


The Ferrari 456 GTA was offered with an automatic transmission, as an alternative for drivers that required more comfort and less driving. With 4 electronically controlled gears, the gear-box was mounted in the same housing with the differential for even weight distribution. The 456 GTA transmission was hydraulically attached to the strengthened chassis and was managed by two computers in the transmission doubled by the Bosch Motronic M5.2.

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